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Adwords TOS


1.1 Your AdWords campaign management will run for a minimum of 3 months, as set in the Zyber AdWords order form. Campaigns can be renewed for a minimum term length of 3 months.

1.2 You may choose to pause your AdWords campaign at any time at which point your ads will stop being displayed and payments to Google will cease. Your monthly campaign management fees will resume each month of the agreed upon advertising term, regardless of whether your campaign is running or paused.

1.3 If you wish to end your AdWords campaign with Zyber, it is your responsibility to notify us in writing at least four weeks prior to your renewal date. You must advise your Performance Consultant of the intention to either cease or renew your AdWords campaign.

1.4 Pausing your campaign does not change the scheduled renewal date.

1.5 Downgrading your AdWords campaign management service at any time during the minimum term is prohibited.

1.6 You can upgrade to another tier of AdWords campaign management at any time during the advertising term. If you decide to upgrade part way through the month, your "pro-rata" amount for the remainder of the month will be calculated and added to the next month's invoice.

1.7 Your AdWords campaign management will commence 72 hours after the initial consultation with a Zyber Consultant. The initial monthly fee must be paid prior to your meeting with the Zyber Consultant. Your monthly AdWords payment will begin from the "ongoing charge" date set in your AdWords contract. This is usually set around a month after the deposit is paid.



2.1 The monthly payment to Zyber is for the purpose of AdWords campaign management only. The actual ad spend will be attributed to your credit card. The amount to be spent on advertising per month will be agreed upon by you and your Performance Consultant, and it is your responsibility to let them know if at any time you wish to reduce your ad spend.

2.2 AdWords will remain paused if payment is delayed or declined until full payment is received.

2.3 You may choose to delay your AdWords campaign for a maximum of one month from the date the contract was signed by the two parties. If you choose to delay the launch of your campaign by more than one month, Zyber management fees will commence.

2.4 If you decide not to launch the campaign, the total of all monthly campaign management fees for your agreed upon advertising term will be payable in a single invoice.

2.5 Zyber monthly management fees will continue to be charged in the instance that Google pauses your accounts and activities. You, the client, are bound by Google terms and conditions as Zyber will work accordingly with Google on your behalf. For more information on Google terms and conditions, please click here. Zyber will strive to meet Google AdWords best practices when setting up your campaign. If a campaign is not approved by Google, we will make these changes immediately following a notification from Google. Financial compensation will not be made to the client in these instances.



3.1 Zyber is not able to guarantee when and in what position your ads will display, as Google AdWords utilises a dynamic auction model based on algorithms to determine “AdRank.”

3.2 Zyber will not be held liable for “guaranteed results” due to factors outside of our control. Examples of these situations include keyword competition, client budget limitations, client’s value proposition relative to competitors, etc. Advertising carries risk and you, the client, indemnify us from any liability for business losses incurred from online marketing activities we undertake on your behalf.

3.3 Zyber will do its best to allocate the full extent of your AdWords click budget to Google. There may be instances in which this is not possible due to factors like low search volumes, keyword competition, and market conditions. Improved campaign performance will often result in your desired advertising results being achieved while saving on your allocated budget.

3.4 Google AdWords is not a CRM tool. Zyber cannot track how many of your leads were converted to a sale. These measures are the responsibility of the client.

3.5 We will optimize your campaign to suit your end goal. Zyber will be representing many businesses within the same industry. Zyber will not disclose any information to any third party without prior consent unless required to by law.


4.1 Once your campaign has concluded, your AdWords campaign will terminate and any relevant landing pages will be taken down.

4.2 Campaigns are renewable and will involve an amended contract from a Zyber Consultant in which you will need to approve.

4.3 Landing page design, development, and content created by our team are intellectual property of Zyber.

4.4 Zyber owns the rights to keep all client metrics of each campaign for reporting purposes. This includes sales, lead conversion statistics, and revenue estimates. We reserve the right to publish these figures, but will seek permission before using them.



6.1 All calls received by Zyber’s call tracking service will be recorded. It is a legal requirement that in order to record a phone call, at least one person involved in the conversation must be informed. The caller will be informed that the call is being recorded for training purposes before the call is directed to your targeted number. It is your responsibility to inform your staff, contractors, and team members that all calls are being recorded for quality and training purposes.

6.2 Zyber takes all practical steps to ensure call quality is that of normal industry standard. Any variances in call timing or quality are beyond our control and we can not be held responsible should it occur.

6.3 Phone tracking is set up for the call to redirect to a single number. Zyber can setup multiple phone numbers for different marketing channels. Please refer to our order form for the additional costs per number.

6.4 Tracking numbers are generated at random. We will do our best to use the area code that the business resides in.

6.5 The system will not able to detect if you have missed a call if you have an IVR system.

6.6 If you cancel your Google AdWords campaign, the tracking number will also be canceled.

6.7 Standard phone tracking includes a local-geo tracking number (e.g. 09, 03, etc.) that redirects the call to your business’s local geo number.

6.8 If you require a 0800 number to redirect to your business’s local-geo number, this can be arranged at an additional cost, please contact your Search specialist to discuss further.

6.9 If you exceed your allocated call time, an additional charger per minute will be added to your monthly AdWords campaign management fee. Please refer to pricing on your orderform regarding exceeding call time.